IFPM – Bolter (WIP 4)

17 December 2017


The model is progressing, and now it is time for the most holy Bolter.

I don’t like painting guns, as I am not sure how the light should be reflected on the metallic and how those should be properly highlighted. The problem is that this Bolter will be probably the centrepiece of the model and has to have absolutely  best paintjob.

Due to this – I had some problems with the NMM on this, as well with the application of scratches – and I really don’t feel those are looking good now. Moreover, the metallic parts were actually already painted two times and I have feeling this will not be the last one.

But – I am pretty happy with how the red turned out! There will be some minor corrections of the scratches, but probably this will not be repainted ; )

Mix for red:

  • Base is Antares Red by Scale75
  • Highlights were done by adding pure white
  • Shades were done by adding black
  • After highlights and shades, everything got a glaze of Blood Red by Coat d’Arms – the goal of this was to give the red parts a warmer look. Glazing with a mix of Yellow + Red would achieve the same result.
  • The darker parts were glazed with Antares Red + Black – I did this, as Blood Red is pretty gloss. Antares Red on the other hand is matt as hell : P
  • Highlighted was done, with a pink paint (Transparent Red by Warcolours, but simply add white to Antares Red for the same result)

As for the rest of the model:

I corrected the shoulder pads shades – increased the smoothness of transitions as well as added Yellowed Bone by Reaper Miniatures as mid tone. Moreover, I corrected the right shoulder pad free-hand, as the Imperial Fist icon seemed to grey. Simply glazed there with Black.