Cold, cold winter.

9 July 2017


For the last couple of days, I have been reading “Terror” by Dan Simons. At the same time, I started playing a game called “The Long Dark” (which is still in early access, but soon, it will be released as a complete game). “Terror”, to not spoil to much is about two ships trapped on the shores of Arctic.

Both of this titles focus on surviving on cold harsh weather.

I really enjoy the game and the book, it puts one of my favourite genres – post-apocalyptic – in a very different setting. The endless winter and the snowy desert, as compared to endless desert and hot, seem familiar but confront you with very different set of obstacles.
In the game, you fight for food and keeping yourself warm. The enemy is the environment itself.
Well, not counting wolves and bears.

As for now, I died at least 5 times : ) The learning curve seems a bit step, but I really have fun.

This is probably the first indie game (aside of Minecraft), which I enjoy. The graphics are pretty rough – but the maps seem well planned and you don’t notice it too much. On the other hand, the mechanics seem really well thought – in a nutshell you need to maintain four stats – temperature, how tired your, hunger and thirst level.
To do that, you need to gather resources, hunt, find shelter and travel – as most of the stuff you find will degrade as you use it.