Brotherhood of Steel soldier in Power Armor (32mm)

13 October 2018

  Howdy, So, a short update, on what I have been doing recently. Two, now three, things: Pathfinder Kingmaker – the game is sooo good, sadly at this point there are so many bugs that it is unplayable : (. I spent around 80h since its release, bringing back great ...

Knight of Dol Amroth

17 September 2018

Hey! So, a little late info about a quite recent miniature I painted – Knight of Dol Amroth from Forge World. The Knight was painted with TMM (True Metal Metallic), in roughly 20-30hours. The miniature was bought during Warhammer Fest. GW’s new LOTR line is, really, ...

Dark Elf Rider

4 September 2018

It has been a while! The past two months were intense for me – both personally and professionally. Plus, some recent vacation left me with little time for posting on the blog. BUT, I did paint a lot. Anyway, I am back again : ) In the past months, I was working mostly on a ...

Black Goblin!

21 July 2018

Hi! So, this will be a short one – this is a small model I painted for my nephew. I got this model from him YEARS ago, it was part of the Battle of Skull Pass set and  I wanted to give him back for his high school graduation. As for the colour scheme – […]

Kingdom Death: Monster Survivor (Final)

6 July 2018

Howdy! So, after working for months on the Custodes  – I wanted to pain a small and not top notch project. And honestly, I think it turned out pretty well : ) This will not be a long post, as there is not much to say about the paint-job, nonetheless I think it is worth ...