Black Goblin!

21 July 2018

Hi! So, this will be a short one – this is a small model I painted for my nephew. I got this model from him YEARS ago, it was part of the Battle of Skull Pass set and  I wanted to give him back for his high school graduation. As for the colour scheme – […]

Kingdom Death: Monster Survivor (Final)

6 July 2018

Howdy! So, after working for months on the Custodes  – I wanted to pain a small and not top notch project. And honestly, I think it turned out pretty well : ) This will not be a long post, as there is not much to say about the paint-job, nonetheless I think it is worth ...

It is done! (Trajann Valoris final)

2 July 2018

It is done. Finally! This project took much, much, more time than I ever anticipated. It was a struggle in keeping painting on the level I wanted, as well as motivating myself to finish it. It didn’t turn out as I wished, but, man, I did learn a lot. I wanted this ...

KD:M survivor (WIP 1)

21 June 2018

Hi! Trajann Valoris is finished, still waiting to make some decent photos and write down the colour mixtures. Should be able to finish this next week. Had some time and started a new project – this time something much, much simpler and easier to paint – a KD:M Survivor ...

I am back! (Trajann Valoris – WIP 4)

11 June 2018

Hi, So, after a pretty long break, I am getting back to updating my site : ) This was mostly associated with recently implemented changes. The goal was simple – I wanted to improve the user experience and greatly simplify the navigation. I hope you like the effect! (I really ...