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Dark marble base

28 March 2018

The Custodes projet continues! After spending >> A LOT << of time painting NMM gold, I decided to do something a bit different – hence, the base you can see above. I always wanted to try to build a mini base, that included two things: stairs and marble. My ...

Trajann Valoris (WIP 3)

11 March 2018

Just a quick update , I continue to work on the golden elements. Using the same recipe, I used in the test couple of weeks ago. I reworked a bit the plates I painted– added more intense shades and increased the contrast. Those actual seem like metal now : ) Yet, the feedback ...

Trajann Valoris (WIP 2)

4 March 2018

I told you I can paint it better : P So, after trying out the last version on the model head I painted on the miniature itself, I decided to wash the element and repaint it. What I did not like, that although the skin had a natural feel – it lacked contrast and on […]

Trajann Valoris (WIP 1)

26 February 2018

Custodes General (WIP 2) You probably wondering where is WIP 1 for this fellow – I finished the article, looked at the miniature once more and said to myself: “This doesn’t look good”. Soooo, Mr. General had the paint removed and I decided to start over. Two things happened: ...

Elf. (Final)

11 February 2018

  Before I start – I had some problems with taking pictures of this model (it is pretty dark, and the tones really not flew well with my camera), hence honestly speaking the transitions on the photo seem better than in actual life. Today I finished a two-day painting ...