Not dead! (Placeholder)

29 November 2018

Hey!   Just a quick update, I am not dead and will be posting some updates soon : )   Recently, I haven’t finished anything particular, but nonetheless I am painting and will share what’s up pretty soon!

1 hour paint job – Starting Survivor from KD:M

6 June 2018

  This week I got Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 – and tonight, with a group of friends we will have a first go! As of this, I had to prepare the miniatures (4 starting survivors + the lion) in 3 evenings. It took me one evening to assemble and fill the gaps with milliput (extra […]

Layering, Glazing & Wet blending.

6 June 2018

  Layering, Glazing & Wet blending. During the last couple of years, I have been struggling to find tutorials online to explain the basic techniques of creating transitions between colours. It took me some time, but I believe that I have some understanding of all of them. ...