Trajann Valoris (WIP 1)

26 February 2018

Custodes General (WIP 2)

You probably wondering where is WIP 1 for this fellow – I finished the article, looked at the miniature once more and said to myself: “This doesn’t look good”.
Soooo, Mr. General had the paint removed and I decided to start over.

Two things happened:

* I wanted to make to process faster – hence decided to use a basecoat of the base colour (Golden Brown by Valleyo). This had a too strong influence on the general colour – the paint after applying highlights / shaded looked bleak and bad.

* I didn’t use any mid-tones, which made the miniature look too flat.

So, I scrapped the paint, applied a white undercoat and started work again.

Here is the effect:

The NMM gold still needs a lot of work, but at this point I am quite happy how it is starting to look. The receipe for this gold was kindly given to me by Ringil, you can see her work here. Check her other work really worth to see!

The base colour is Golden Brown by Valleyo, with added Flat Earth for shades and Light Flesh for Highlights. I added a bit Mars Orange (duh) to Golden Brown, to make it a bit more vibrant.

I am also experimenting with Dark Angels Green glazes here and there to rise the metallic feel.

I will also add more dark glazes to increase the contrast.

As for the face!:

About the colours – the face was painted with a mix of approach from both Gideon as well as the Chieftain. I went through some additional tutorials recently and tried to improve my technique a bit.

* Base: Pink Flesh (Scale75) + Mars Orange

* Shade: Base + Chestnut Brown (Reaper Paints)

* Darker Shade: Glaze Burgundy Wine (Reaper Paints) – this paint looks like a mix of Brown and Purple.

* Highlight: Base + Mars Orange (Scale75) + Rosy Highlight

* Final highlights: Rosy Highlight

* Glazes (checks and nose): Wild Rider Red (by GW) + Elf Flesh (by GW)

* Glazes forehead: highlight with added Linen White


I am kind of proud of this : )
The mix is simple: Dubai Brown (Scale75) + Black + Linen White.
To show him greying – I simply added more Linen White, up to pure Linen White.

I am still not 100% if I will not repaint the face, as although the effect looks nice, it is a bit less vibrant that I would want to.

Did I tell you how I like the new Custodes General miniature?


I really like it. I think this it their best miniature, since Cypher, bah, think it is the best miniature since the Eldar Farseer (gasp!).

Anyway, this WILL take a while to paint, but I am really looking forward to it.