Trajann Valoris (WIP 3)

11 March 2018

Just a quick update

, I continue to work on the golden elements. Using the same recipe, I used in the test couple of weeks ago. I reworked a bit the plates I painted– added more intense shades and increased the contrast. Those actual seem like metal now : ) Yet, the feedback I get suggests I should increase the contrast even further.

It goes pretty slowly, as each element needs a lot of focus, time, and, honestly, it is hard to place the light properly.

But there is progress.

Funny thing is that, despite that it takes so much time, I have fun with painting this fellow – I really like the sculpt and, as I am not pressuring myself a lot to finish is quickly the pace is good.

Moreover, as each plate of the armour can be fully painted to a neat effect in a single seating it gets easier to keep motivated to continue.

Other things

I managed to buy the new Eisenhorn miniature – the sculpt is great, but looking at the casting quality, I am quite disappointed. It is still the damn Fail Cast. I will try to paint it, but this thing really doesn’t look to welcoming…