Trajann Valoris (WIP 2)

4 March 2018

I told you I can paint it better : P

So, after trying out the last version on the model head I painted on the miniature itself, I decided to wash the element and repaint it.

What I did not like, that although the skin had a natural feel – it lacked contrast and on the whole model seemed not to attract gaze. Moreover, it looked a bit to bleak.
Funny thing is, that I really liked how it turned out by itself – thing is it wouldn’t look good on the finished model.

As for the new version, I really like how it turned out!

The goal here was simple, more warmth, bigger contrast and perhaps a bit differently placed shadows. I decided to use the base I have been using for years now – but approach the shades much differently.

And you know? This colour composition is probably the best skin colour I ever did : ) (well, at my own, at least, using other people mixes is cheating a bit : P)

So the mix is:

  • Base: Elf Flesh + Wild Rider Red (8:1), both by Games Workshop
  • Shades: Added Chestnut Brown (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Darkest shades / Glazes: shaded with Burgundy Wine (again by Reaper Miniatures)
  • Highlights: added Linen White (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Last highlights / Glazes: pure white

I thought that it will be more useful to show the pallet – as it clearly shows the colours.

That’s all folks!