11 November 2019

Hey! So, quite recently I finished this GW LOTR Legolas miniature from the Three Hunters set.

This was quite a swift job – around 12h in total + 1-2h for the base, as a nice and quick project to check the new paints I got from KS (Scale75 new acrylic line). Had some problems with the pictures and my camera, so this are a bit subpar.

The mini was prepared months ago, so a lot of work with filling gaps and sanding were spared and I was able to go straight to work.

As for the scheme itself – I went through a lot of promo materials for LOTR and looked through the screens from the movie, but after some thought, I decided to go with a more intense colors.

Secondly, I decided to add a tint to all elements to make sure the composition is consistent (int this case Seraphim Sepia and Nuln Oil). It is not very visible in the photos, but the all dark / black elements of the cloak were glazed couple of times with sepia.

Thirdly, I wanted to have a limited palette to – again – have a consistent look. Bearing this in mind – most of the shades were done with using Seraphim Sepia or Nuln Oil. Highlights were done almost all the time with Off White by Scale 75.

Skin mix

  • Base: Elf Flesh + Wild Rider Red (8:1), both by Games Workshop
  • Shades: Added Chestnut Brown (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Darkest shades / Glazes: shaded with Burgundy Wine (again by Reaper Miniatures)
  • Highlights: added Linen White (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Last highlights / Glazes: pure white

For the hair

  • Base: Bronzed Flesh (GW) & Off White (Scale75) – really similar colour to the old Bleached Bone
  • Shade: Seraphim wash
  • Highlights: added white to the base


  • Base: Elysian Green (GW) base
  • Shades: Seraphim Sepia wash and then added sepia to Elysian Green
  • Highlights: added Off White (Scale75) to the base


  • Base: Spring Green (Scale75)
  • Shades: added Black to the base, afterwards glazed with Seraphim Sepia
  • Highlights: added Off White.