Knight of Dol Amroth

17 September 2018


So, a little late info about a quite recent miniature I painted – Knight of Dol Amroth from Forge World.

The Knight was painted with TMM (True Metal Metallic), in roughly 20-30hours. The miniature was bought during Warhammer Fest. GW’s new LOTR line is, really, one of the best series Citadel release recently. I am now waiting in honest anticipation for Hurin The Tall. 

Which hopefully will be available soon! I also considering converting him a bit – to build my own custom Aragorn.

(The photo below, has a bit better colours – as I used a grey background for it)

Anyway, I decided to buy the Knight of Dol Amroth set and see for myself, how the kit is done.

  • Firstly – this is the best cast I ever received from Forge World. Absolutely flawless. Very smooth surface, like what you get in plastic.
  • Secondly – I like the natural proportions of the miniature, no bigger, unnatural heads, or strange torsos.
  • Thirdly – the theme of the sculpture. I am bit reluctant to Age of Sigmar concept, the over the head armours and weapons. Here you have a model, that actually wears something remotely authentic.

To sum up – I love the miniature, I love the set and it was a pleasure to paint.

For this miniature I decided to go with TMM. During Warhammer Fest I spoke with Paweł Makuch (this year Slayer Sword Winner) – you can find his profile here, as well as people from Eavy Metal team and decided to try out painting metallic. Each of them showed me their works and I was astounded how good metallics can look live.

Some time ago I was told to try out the Scale75 metallic – hence I had the paints at home (although un-opened) and was ready to have a go.

What is worth to mention about Scale75 – the paints work really well; first metallic I was actually able to glaze with. Although, in terms of gold colours – I feel, that GW Retributor Gold is better than what Scale75 offers.

Regarding the specific recipes:


  • Base: the miniature had was airbrushed with Heavy Metal by Scale75
  • Highlights: used Speed Metal by Scale75, which was applied with Glaze Medium by Valleyo in a high number of glazes.
  • Shades: used Cantabric Blue by Scale75, heavy diluted with Glaze Medium and water, again glazing.
  • Further shades: used Nuln Black by GW, diluted a bit with Lhamian Medium to tone down the dark parts.


  • Base: Cantabric Blue by Scale75
  • Highlights were done by firstly adding Mediterranaen Blue, then using pure Mediterranaen Blue and finally adding white to the mix. Everything by Scale75
  • Shades were done by adding black to Base.


White elements were done with Linen White by Reaper, Shades were done by adding Grey paint, lastly the deepest elements were painted by adding Cantabric Blue


This is exact same method as in Trajann Valoris:

  • Base: Elf Flesh + Wild Rider Red (8:1), both by Games Workshop
  • Shades: Added Chestnut Brown (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Darkest shades / Glazes: shaded with Burgundy Wine (again by Reaper Miniatures)
  • Highlights: added Linen White (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Last highlights / Glazes: pure white

There is a couple of miniatures on my desk now, and I am still not sure, what to paint. I vary between Eisenhorn, Dark Eldar or a Tzeentch Demon prince.

We shall see : )