Imperial Fists Primaris Marine (WIP – 2)

17 November 2017

A small update for the Primaris Marine I am working on:

I have been working a bit less on this miniature recently, but I did manage to finish the yellow parts of armour. What is left is the left pauldron and few satchels on his back.
After that I will start working on the iconography on all white elements.

I continue to have lots of fun working on this model and try to make everything pristine.

I had some nice progress also on the base

It has been done from couple of Tyranid elements I had in my bits box – notably a part of the Carnifix armour, as well as skull of a Genestealer.

The bone was painted, very similar to what I have been using on the Chieftain. It is pretty straight forward, I painted the whole thing Yellowed Bone, by Reaper Mini’s (GW Bone Yellow will work even better) and gave a hefty wash with Seraphim Sepia (by GW).

Then a bit of very delicate drybrush with Linen White, by Reaper Mini’s.

It was finished by adding small dots of Seraphim Sepia.

The water was done by using a two part resin, with added Brown Wash (I think I used Serpahim Sepia again…)