Elf. (Final)

11 February 2018


Before I start – I had some problems with taking pictures of this model (it is pretty dark, and the tones really not flew well with my camera), hence honestly speaking the transitions on the photo seem better than in actual life.

Today I finished a two-day painting workshop, organized by Redav

Which I found through facebook. During the workshop we painted this lady. Krzysztof actually posted a very great tutorial on this model here (which also goes through most of stuff we did through the training).

I wanted to participate in this, as firstly I really appreciate Redav’s work and because this kind of interactions provide a huge boost to development of my skills. At some point, getting someone to evaluate my work, as well as share his knowledge, let’s me go over I wall I got stuck on. It also gives a lot of motivation!

The main focus of the workshop was to learn, about painting skin tone, as well as colour and light theory.

As of this, this model was:

  • Painted with strong light source that is not position from the top, but from the left side of the model. To try working with much different placement of highlights and shades
  • With VERY LIMITED palette – for everything you see here I used 3 paints (Orange, Blue and Grey) + Black / White to try the Colour Triad approach
  • Skin had been painted very differently that I am used too (Green / Orange)
  • Painted in under 10 hours (only during the workshop)

This was the very first time I participated in this kind of an activity – this was the first time I painted with a big group of people. It was very nice to meet with a larger number of people that share your interests.

The workshop was extremely informative – I did learn a lot and met a number of great people. What I did not expect was, how tired I will be after it : P

(The next photo was edited a bit, to showcase general light placement)

To get to the point.

As mentioned above everything was painted with 5 colours, which were:

  • Rainy Gray by Scale75 – which has very similar colour to clay (so grey and a bit of brown)
  • Mars Orange by Scale75
  • Mediterranean Blue by Scale 75
  • Black by Valleyo
  • White by Watercolours


  • Base: Raing Gray + Mars Orange – can’t tell you the exact amount of paints used, by in general it was more greyish then orange.
  • Highlights: were done by adding White to the mix, and a tiny bit of Orange
  • Shades: were done by adding Black to the base, as well as a bit of Blue –  achieving a green / soil look.
  • Glazes: used glazes to smoothen transitions. Did some black glazes also on the darker parts.

The model had black undercoat. Grey paint was painted by airbrush from the left side of the model. I started with a sketch of highlights placement – trying to evaluate how the light would behave on this model.

There is tons of re-work, re-placement, corrections done durning this stage. About 70% of my time was focused on the skin.


  • Base: Mars Orange + Black, I was really surprised to how great brown I got from this mix.
  • Highlights: were done by adding a bit of Rainy Grey and White to the base
  • Shades: simply add black to the base
  • Glazes: here and there, only more orange tone of base.


Very simple – base was Mediterranean Blue – shades were done by adding black, highlights were done by adding white.

I am geeting back to my Custodes General : P