22 December 2018


Sorry, this took so long. Getting back to posting took much more time that I expected.

Honestly speaking this was mostly due to the fact, I wasn’t able to finish any paintjob. The ones I painted, either weren’t worthwhile to continue, or, I screwed something up midway and decided to drop the project (RIP my Black Templar – you can check it out here).

Also, my job took a bit of a toll, add to that excessive playing (Pathfinder: Kingmaker & Assassins Creed: Odyssey <3) and you get to a point when you can’t finish anything worth showing.

Other thing, there is so much great models being released now! I want to work, on so many of them, yet the time I have is really limited and I have to very carefully choose what to do.

Eisenhorn, was a very quick paintjob – I didn’t spend countless hours on it, as I wanted to actually finish it and. The model has a wonderful sculpt and I assumed a bit different approach to it. The paint job was supposed to be quick and have nice general look, not smooth as hell, so, please be wary of that fact and that not everything looks polished.

Anyway, as for the miniature:

The model, although it has a great sculpt, is made from finecast. Which is probably the worst material to paint and assemble. It took couple of hours just to get him in a single “fitting” piece. Then, even after scrubbing the damn release agent, the primer sill seems not to stick properly.

The body got a black prime, and the face got a white one.

The face, has my standard mix:

  • Base: Elf Flesh + Wild Rider Red (8:1), both by Games Workshop
  • Shades: added Chestnut Brown (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Darkest shades / Glazes: shaded with Burgundy Wine (again by Reaper Miniatures)
  • Highlights: added Linen White (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Last highlights / Glazes: pure white

The cloak was painted pretty simply – used Black from Scale75 and a lot of wet blending. On top of that added a lot white / grey lines, similar to the official paintjob.

The pauldrons were painted with Dark Angels Green, with added white. Nothing fancy here.

What I am really happy from is the Gold NMM mix:

  • Base: Yellow Sol + a little bit of Mars Orange + a bit of Dubai Brown, all by Scale75
  • Shades: Added more Dubai Brown, I think that If I would add a bit of Black to the last stage, this would look better.
  • Highlights: added Linen White (by Reaper Miniatures) to the base
  • Last highlights / Glazes: pure white

My NMM still has a long way to go, but I think I am slowly getting the hang of it.

Red, again was my standard approach: firstly, I painted the whole thing White, then added 2-3 layers of Antares Red. Shaded here and there by adding black. Highlights were done by adding white and Yellow Sol (really small amount of yellow here).

The Brown elements of the robe, were simply painted Chestnut Brown and then washed with Nuln Oil.

Well, that is it.

As for now, my desk consists of

  • Conan which I paint for a friend (he wants to gift it for a brother)
  • Titanicus Ceratus Kinght (god the miniatures are so god damn good)
  • Warden of Gondor (this one, I will be painting for Golden Demon)

I am really looking foward to working on the Warden of Gondor. The miniature is spectacular and I really want to make sure this one is on the level to compete @ GD.

Aside of that, Merry Christmas to yah all!