Chaos Warrior

27 January 2020

And it is done!

Let me showcase this Chaos Warrior, which I painted during a break from the Space Marine IF Captain, as I really needed to stop painting yellow for a while.

A short background – why I worked on this particular model. When I was kid, my funds were limited and as I wanted to play WFB – the only army, that was within my small budget were Chaos Warriors. You could have one foot unit, five knights and a general for 2000pt game (well, perhaps a chariot should be there too). And I actually painted them! Probably, the only time I actually managed to assemble an army .

Tho, as none of my friends played Warhammer, I actually never had a chance to play a game. This haven’t changed – I am still a play a single session of WFB / AoS / WH40k.

But anyway, I painted those units / models using a very simple scheme – silver and dark blue, as this colour pattern was really easy to do and looked cool. The only notable thing was that I added some lighting bolts here and there.

Anyway I loved painting chaos back then.

Hence, when I saw this new set, I had to buy it.

(My camera still doesn’t work perfectly, hence, please forgive the slight tint of the background and how gold looks… I need to find a suitable DSLR and hopefully this will happen soon)

Couple of things worth to mention: the mini took roughly 20-25 hours of work, the most time consuming thing being the scaly cloak. I used a NMM Scale75 steel paint set, which proved to be worth the price.
I am really happy with the gold recipe, which I got from Dave Colwell. Really, worth to check out his work – it is spectacular.

The colour scheme I decided for, was an improvement of how I painted in the past, but with more colour consistency and NMM.

For the main three colour I have chosen:

  • Thousand Sons Blue by GW
  • Graphite by Scale75
  • Nacar by Scale75

All elements were painted with one or two of those three, with the exception of the armour which used all of them and leather, which didn’t use any : P

If you wonder why – thanks to this, you are able to maintain strong consistency on the model and make all the element work better together. This was very similar to the elf lady bust I painted couple of years ago.
Try it.

As for other parts:

Brown elements and leather :

  • Base Dubai Brown by Scale75 and Black
  • Pure Dubai Brown
  • Highlights were done, by adding English Uniform (by Valleyo) to Dubai Brown, up to pure English Uniform.


  • Base Dubai Brown by Scale75 and Black
  • Pure Dubai Brown (Start here)
  • Ochre Brown (was used as a glaze for a number of elements) by Valleyo
  • Sand Yellow by Valleyo
  • Ice Yellow by Valleyo


  • Black
  • Graphite by Scale75
  • Nacar by Scale75