Brotherhood of Steel soldier in Power Armor (32mm)

13 October 2018



So, a short update, on what I have been doing recently.

Two, now three, things:

  • Pathfinder Kingmaker – the game is sooo good, sadly at this point there are so many bugs that it is unplayable : (. I spent around 80h since its release, bringing back great memories of pathfinder and D&D 3.0, but I need to stop till they fix a number of things.
  • A 32mm Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor solider (which I showcase below).
  • (From yesterday) Assassins Creed Odyssey. Also, a great game, filled this time with a crazy amount of microtransactions…

Brotherhood of Steel soldier in Power Armor

The model itself comes from Wasteland Warfare line, from Modiphius (you can get the box with it here: link ). This is a pretty rough and fast work (less than 5 hours), during which I wanted to check out some new techniques.

Came out pretty neat in my opinion!

Anyway, the process for the whole model, was:

  • Black Primer
  • Airbrushed Dubai Brown (Scale 75), from the top
  • Drybrush Black Metal by Scale 75
  • Drybrush with Speed Metal by Scale 75
  • Very careful drybrush with White Metal, again by Scale75
  • Glazes, here and there with a mix of Mars Orange and Dubai Brown 
  • Lining with Speed Metal
  • Powders! (This is the first time, I actually used pigments, so the results are not good) used dark sand and pigment fixer by MIG JIMENZ
  • Added some final touches, etc.

Made few mistakes while using powders, while working with the pigment fixer. One thing what turned out pretty great was using the fixer and pigment for the base. I think this is the most natural looking base I ever done.

It was done in less than 10 mins. I did a small layer of the fixer and added a ton of pigment and voila!

As for now, I will be working probably on a SM Chaplain or the Ogroid, or a Lannister solider. We will see : )