Black Goblin!

21 July 2018


So, this will be a short one – this is a small model I painted for my nephew. I got this model from him YEARS ago, it was part of the Battle of Skull Pass set and  I wanted to give him back for his high school graduation.

As for the colour scheme – when I was a kid, my sister bought me a White Dwarf magazine which focused on Black Goblin and goblins in general. I wanted to do something old school and this decided to go with this type of colour scheme.


Base: Black Primer by Valleyo

Green skin:

  • Base is mix 1:1 – Dark Angels Green & Scorpion Green (both by GW, both irreplaceable and no longer available)
  • Shades are done by adding Dark Angels Green, up to pure Dark Angels Green
  • Highlights are done by adding Scorpion Green, up to pure Scorpion Green

Black Robe:

  • Flat Black by Scale 75 + White
  • Highlights were done by adding more white
  • Shades were done by adding more black
  • Final wash was made with Blue by Coat d’Arms

Base (yeah, I know I screwed up with the mould lines 🙁 ):

  • Bleached bone + Bronzed Flesh (by Games Workshop)
  • Washed then with Seraphim Sephia (by Games Workshop)
  • Dry brushed the base mix after the wash dried
  • Then, I dry brushed with Linen White (Valleyo)
  • …and washed again with Seraphim Sephia!

That’s all folks!

P.S. I am working on my model for Golden Demon, will keep you updated : )