1 hour paint job – Starting Survivor from KD:M

14 January 2018


This week I got Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 – and tonight, with a group of friends we will have a first go!

As of this, I had to prepare the miniatures (4 starting survivors + the lion) in 3 evenings.
It took me one evening to assemble and fill the gaps with milliput (extra fine), one evening to sand them and prime, and about 4 hours to paint ALL of them (including varnish). So, here is the 1 hour paint job for the first survivor.

My approach for the starter set was, to keep it simple and do it as fast as possible.

To achieve this, each miniature got a black basecoat – and then was sprayed zenithally with Blue Gray Pale from Valleyo. Afterwards, I  very gently dry brushed a mix of Linen White by Reaper Miniatures and Blue Gray Pale (5:1).
Next, came a dry brush with Titanium White (Schmincke) / any white will do.

And here comes the neat part.

The miniature looked pretty dull after the first steps – hence I decided to add more colour. Using standard glazes would provide nice effects, but would take much to much time.
Hence, I decided to this with a bit different approach – using a technique that allows to apply glazes similarly to washes.

I chosen three colours for it: Caspian Blue (Scale75), Dubai Brown  (Scale75), Elysian Green (Games Workshop).

To create a semi glaze / wash I diluted each of them with Lhamian Medium. 

The idea behind it is that: it slows the drying time and it breaks the surface tension.
The goal here is to create a wash you can distribute around the area you want to paint and then smoothen the transition using a dampen brush.

I put the glaze / wash with my brush and then quickly rinse the brush in water, dab it on kitchen towel so that it’s just damp, and run it along the transition region between the layer and the paint below. This allows the paint to flow out from the layer and prevents the formation of a hard boundary which would be difficult to disguise later.

It is really simple and can provide you with great results in a very short time.

Lastly, the miniatures got another white drybrush and I painted some small scratches to make them look more like statues.

I am still working on Ravenor – hopefully I will be able to write a small update on it in the next days.